How great it is to be nuts about pool!

Pool rack

SPECIAL NOTE:  With so many pool halls closed you might want to consider protecting yourself with a face shield-not a face mask. For information on homemade face shields visit the Make face shields today web site. Click here.

Why would anyone be nuts about poking a lot of balls around?

Well. There’s never a dull moment! Every shot is a challenge! Unlike watching sports on TV, you call the plays and win or lose.

Pocket Billiards or pool is mental like Chess.

Pool isn’t just shooting balls into a pocket. That’s the basic, then there is controlling the cue ball after making the shot to set up the next shot. There is offense and defense in pool games. Your brain cells are popping and buzzing with strategy and challenge! There is always the thrill of learning new things; and trying to beat other players.

It’s exercise.

Unlike Chess, you are off your butt. You are using every muscle and joint in your body mildly. Sitting too much is a sickening American habit leading to epidemics of illnesses like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.

It’s sociable.

You can make new friends in pool halls or play with family and friends at home. 

You are never too old to play. I play with players in their 80’s. I saw a picture in a newspaper of a guy playing at 107!

Good feelings.

If you win, you feel good. If you lose you can be happy you made someone else feel good! (You may have to work at this).  You still are a winner if you made good shots and strategy, but were outplayed or just had some bad luck. 

The purpose of this site.

By using text, diagrams and marked pictures, beginners and intermediates will better understand the physics of ball behavior in the game of billiards or pool from the very basics and beyond.
This site is just starting and will be growing to help you enjoy pool so much you will be nuts about it!